Posted by: Nito | May 25, 2015

Nuclear Showdown On the Horizon?

Many today look around at the rising threat of radical Islam and the weak Western response and wonder if we are repeating the costly mistakes of a bygone era.

No doubt we live in perilous times. The clever mass murderers of al-Qaeda have now morphed into the sadistic executioners of Islamic State. Iran is exporting its own fierce brand of Islamic militancy, destabilizing and devouring nations across the Middle East, while building a renegade nuclear weapons program to further its expansionist agenda. Each of these radical Islamist movements see themselves as the vanguard of that final jihadist surge which will ultimately destroy Israel, spread throughout the world, and subjugate humanity to a foretold “golden age” of Islamic rule. Meanwhile, many Western leaders are pressuring the small democratic nation of Israel to sacrifice the heart of its ancient homeland to secure an illusionary peace, and pacify these ravenous beasts…

Read more at From Munich to Mushroom Clouds: Failed Statesmanship and Global delusions in a Nuclear Age (ICEJ as the acronym of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem).

What this reminds me of is a setup for the Psalm 83 war. This Psalm talks about Israel’s neighbours forming a confederacy against her and engaging in the attack in order to destroy her completely. They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” (Psalm 83:4, KJV)

I believe this war is going to happen pretty soon. Pope Francis (a.k.a. the false prophet) doesn’t help with his recognition of the Palestinian state and his praise of Abbas as the “angel of peace“. Such statements only encourage radical islam to continue its deadly march. The above ICEJ article describes how Western players wanted to appease Hitler by sacrificing Check Republic and these days they are trying to use the same tactics with the radical Islam—they would like to sacrifice Israel to appease the beast of jihad.

But, God will defend Israel and shame those who abandoned her. Israel will come out victorious from all confrontations with its neighbours, like she did in the past, since becoming the nation in 1948.

There is an interesting verse in Psalm 83; verse 3. It reads: “They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones” (Psalm 83:3, KJV). Some Bible scholars believe that the strange reference to the ‘hidden’ ones indicates that this war will happen around the rapture, as those who will be raptured are the hidden ones. Other Bible translations refer to those people as sheltered or cherished ones.

So, if this is true, Psalm 83 war should happen around the 7th trumpet (see the end times timeline) and should align with God’s promise in Joel 2:20 to destroy the “northern army”.

I also believe that Psalm 83 war will be a very brief, nuclear, war and will execute as part of the greater WW III scenario, which also is a nuclear war with devastating consequences on the worldwide scale.

I wrote more about WW III and post war New World Order in an earlier article.


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