Posted by: Nito | February 27, 2012

Faith (a short story)

A wise man came into a certain village and everybody came to listen to what he had to say. Everybody, except one man who was bedridden due to illness. His house was close to the village square, where the event was held, however he couldn’t hear the speech. He could sense it was a good one, because long periods of silence were often broken by laughter and cheers.

The day had passed and by late afternoon people dispersed. Quite a few wore a happy grin on their faces and as they strolled through the streets they’ve greeted each other affectionately. There was an ecstatic charge in the air, some joyous electricity flowing through people’s hearts. True Believer was among those, and as he was contemplating the words he heard earlier, he remembered his sick friend and decided to pay him a visit and give him some encouragement.

“You know Mate,” he was addressing the sick man, “the saint said something today that I thought I must share with you. He told us how he had a tough and ‘incurable’ illness, however, God completely healed him after many years spent in prayer and hope. As I understood, the way he looks at life now is: ‘I do not expect God to do things the way I want Him to do them, but I do expect God to remove all of the obstacles in my path and resolve all of my problems.’ I just thought you would have liked to hear that testimony,” concluded True Believer with a loving smile.

Mate felt his heavy burden a little lighter as he watched True Believer leaving his room. Little bit of that joyous electricity came into his heart too. Soon his flatmates Luke Warm and Newt Agey came back from the meeting. Newt was also strongly affected by the words they’ve heard earlier that day; “Maan,” beamed Newt, “this is soo cool, I expect all obstacles removed from my path and I expect the Universe to resolve all of my problems!”

In contrast to the playful Newt, Luke was thoughtful. His finances were not on the positive side lately. He had a trouble repaying the loan he took three years ago, and yesterday he had a bad argument with his creditors. After a brief pause Luke sighted and said “I do not expect God to do things the way I want Him to do them, and now if you excuse me, I don’t feel hungry so I’ll just go to my room.” Mate heard their parting footsteps followed by the sound of the opening fridge door. Newt was preparing his dinner and whistling a happy tune.

“I do not expect God to do things the way I want Him to do them, but I do expect God to remove all of the obstacles in my path and resolve all of my problems. That is the stand I will take,” thought Mate to himself as he was watching the twinkle of the first evening stars. There was something new about him tonight—peace has settled upon his face.

The smell of the roses filled the air. The evening chatter of the birds was slowly fading away, as was the red afterglow of the day, letting the deep blue of the night take over the sky. The stars seemed to shimmer brighter tonight. “Are you dancing in the presence of the Lord?” thought Mate marveling at the vast expanse of space filled with all sorts of luminaries and whirling objects.

He loved astronomy, and before the paralysis he was a teacher in the local primary school. “Everything in the universe has its place, pulsing with mathematical precision and in harmony with everything else—like a clockwork, revealing Your passion for perfection,” prayed Mate, “God, surely You can fix my problem. Surely you can heal and restore my life!”

The purity of the moment was abruptly interrupted by the stern voices of two men walking by. “That guy is a lunatic! There is no such thing as God. Even the kids in the kindergarten know this. Such people should not be allowed to come and speak at public places. What a ball of rubbish!” It was Atheist and Agnostic returning home after they had a dinner at Luigi’s. Atheist was clearly agitated with the speech he had heard earlier that day. They lived in the neighborhood and kept to themselves. Mate didn’t like them, as he often heard Atheist yelling at kids  on the street if they were too loudly engrossed in their play.

Agnostic tried to calm his partner: “Maybe you are right, perhaps God really doesn’t exist. There are too many wars, problems and diseases in the world. If God would exist, He would surely put an end to all that suffering.” Mate heard them walking away. Atheist was his usual grumbling self. The calmness of the night was restored after they’ve left. The song of the night creatures restarted and was coming out from the bushes and the nearby creek.

“Lord, I do not understand Your ways, but you do understand what I need,” Mate was whispering, “I do not expect You to do things the way I want them, but I know that You are removing this sickness and all of the other obstacles from my life. You are my caring and loving Father and I trust You!”

Warmth came over Mate’s body as he was praying. The incredible peace filled his heart as he felt the heat moving into his legs. A short moment after Mate was sitting on the bed leaning on his arms. It was a strange feeling  to see them both stretched. Strength was returning to his left side. Tears of gratitude flowed down his cheeks as he stood for the first time after so many years, “Thank you God! Now I know You are real.”

Helix Nebula

Helix Nebula (source: Wikipedia)

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