Posted by: Nito | May 23, 2012

Gay People Are God’s Children Also

I was looking for some worship music when I noticed the following comment

My whole being sings to You Lord Jesus for healing me of homosexuality. I was deep and for long. Misery followed misery and coming out only deepened it. But You were faithful and you pulled me out, as You promised in Your Word. Thank you Jesus for giving me the new life!

If you are gay and unhappy, know with certainty that you can choose. Do not believe the rubbish that you were born that way. Jesus will change your desires and feelings. TRUST HIM 100%.

My testimony: ilivestraight site

beneath the following YouTube clip:


I’ve looked at and I think that Sinisa (an ex-gay who maintains the site and has made the above comment) gives us a good insight into the world of homosexuality and also some practical steps on how to get rid of the same. After all, homosexuality is not an in-born trait, but a condition that can be overcome and cured. It is a condition (and I agree with Sinisa that it has a spiritual root) which can be healed by the grace of God, as we see in his case as well as in the cases of others that commented on his site.

These days we are witnessing efforts of gay and lesbian community to proclaim homosexuality a human right, and their efforts to change the definition of marriage to be “between two people” (and not “between a man and a woman”). However, as we see from examples such as Sinisa, this condition can be cured, so it is not about human rights, but about the choices humans do. It’s people’s private business what they do in their own bedrooms, but the rest of mankind should not be forced to applaud and celebrate as normal every silly choice people make.

If we take a step back and look at homosexuality from the scientific perspective, from the point of evolution and propagation of the species, we will see that gay and lesbian couples cannot naturally conceive children. This means that in the process of natural selection (i.e. evolution) their genes will be removed from the human gene pool and their genetic material will disappear from the face of the Earth. In other words, if they continue down that road, Nature will discard them as “misfits”.

No wonder than whatever they do, hiding it or coming out, a feeling that they are doing something wrong is not leaving them. No amount of laws that guarantee their equal rights, or acceptance from their family and friends (as Sinisa described) will give them a lasting relief or peace. Only the decision to get rid of homosexuality and the decision to change their lifestyle will lead them to lasting happiness.

If you are a believer, and are suffering from the condition called homosexuality, you will find strength in God. He loves you, but He doesn’t love your lifestyle. You will find Him always willing to help you change for better. He doesn’t profit in your punishment (because you followed wrong ways) but would like instead to set you on the right path, bless you and prosper you always (see Ezekiel 18:23).

If you are a non-believer, no amount of religious talk will persuade you to change. Think then about the above-mentioned natural selection and the disappearance of your genetic material from the book of life. Even when all your family and friends are for you, Nature is against you. However, if you make a decision to change your life and get rid of homosexuality, God will help you, as you also are His precious child.



  1. Coming from my understanding of science and the Bible, I’d like to offer a different point. Looking at homosexuality from a scientific aspect, it doesn’t conflict with nature. In science, it takes one counterexample to prove a theory wrong. Studies have shown that in males, the more older brothers one has, the more likely he is to be homosexual. The trend isn’t with older siblings that are females though. Each additional older brother increases the odds of homosexuality by 33%. ( The genetic link to homosexuality is passed on through the mother, with those same gene expressions also making her more likely to find a mate. I could go more into detail and point out more studies, but I’ll let God lead you where He will.

    Michael Bussee, the leader of the ex-gay reparative therapy movement himself, has even come out and since apologized, saying that you can’t “cure” homosexuality. He apologized for all the damage he’s caused in the lives of those trying to change what isn’t meant to be changed. The people who say they’ve been cured haven’t been able to change their sexual orientation. The most likely scenario, as numerous “ex-gays” will admit, is that they are projecting what they want to be on the outside (in other words claiming they were cured and acting straight) in hopes that it will change who they are on the inside. We also can’t rule out bisexuality and the ways it could play out in this movement as well. The feelings of wrongdoing don’t come from being gay, they come from the unrealistic viewpoints of the church. If you’re taught that being who you are is going to send you to hell, then of course you’re going to struggle with hating yourself and feeling bad for feeling the ways you do.

    I am glad to see a new paradigm shift awakening in the church. One by one more branches are waking up and righting the wrongs they once preached. We as the church get things wrong sometimes. We mistranslate things. It’s happened countless times throughout history. Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Why would our generation be the exception? Every time period has an instance where new understandings of things have changed the church’s views. Left handed people, women’s rights, black rights, and interracial marriage to name a few. God did indeed create homosexuals for a reason. What it may be, I do not know. What I do know though is that God does not make mistakes. Homosexual love is no different than heterosexual love. If you see it as anything other than love that exists between two homosexuals devoted to God, then maybe you need to reevaluate your own understanding of things.

    • If “it takes one counterexample to prove a theory wrong” then I offer you Sinisa as an example that people can be healed from homosexuality. This certainly requires a positive and supportive environment; one that Michael Bussee’s movement, I think, didn’t have.

      As Michael described in his apology ( some of the clients “had a positive, life-changing experience attending our Bible studies and support groups. They experienced God’s love and the welcoming fellowship of others who knew the struggle.”

      However, there was a serious lack of continuous stream of similar love and support from the church leadership. Not seeing desired results quickly (from their viewpoint) the church leadership chose to blame the clients for not seriously trying to change. As a result, Michael writes: “many of our clients began to fall apart – sinking deeper into patterns of guilt, anxiety and self-loathing. Why weren’t they “changing”? The answers from church leaders made the pain even worse: “You might not be a real Christian.” “You don’t have enough faith.” “You aren’t praying and reading the Bible enough.” “Maybe you have a demon.” The message always seemed to be: “You’re not enough. You’re not trying hard enough. You don’t have enough faith.” ”

      From this perspective, I agree with you that the Church has to be more supportive in regards to homosexuals, but not to the end of accepting as true something that Bible clearly says is not. This means that any homosexual seeking healing from that condition is given encouragement, love and the appropriate support from the Church and is not left struggling alone along the way.

      As Sinisa states on his website (, once he had such a positive support from his family and environment he was at ease with himself and he was able to choose: “In effect, by loving me, my family and friends gave me the freedom of choice. I didn’t even know about the choice until then. It scared me. I didn’t know what to do with it. But I learned that I would be loved no matter what I chose.

      Scared and brave,I chose what I knew was right. Eventually, the confirmation that I chose what was right, came to me: I began to be in peace and felt much stronger than before. I was encouraged by the Christian friend to keep going on and soon after everything was explained to me…

      Today I am the healed man. Healed from all the sins of the past. I am finally free! It makes me happy to tell my story to everyone, hoping that it may help you,the soul struggling with the same issue.”

      Perhaps Bible could be “mistranslated”, but the laws of Nature are usually pretty clear and not easily misinterpreted. From that perspective you still haven’t addressed the main point of the article, which is that Nature is not favoring gays and lesbians. If these individuals continue down that road, Nature will discard them as “misfits”. They are going against Nature, and She is their impartial judge.

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