In the beginning was the Vibration…

The vibratory nature of matter is mentioned in the Bible. John’s Gospel starts with “In the beginning was the Word…” (John 1:1) and teaches us that this vibration is from God, and is God Himself. The ‘Word’ in this verse is the Greek word ‘logos’, which is in the Bible used to delineate speech and faculties of the mind like thinking and reasoning.

We know that speech means not just any kind of a vibration, but a vibration that carries information, is uttered by a living person and embodies a concept or an idea. In this case it means that the living Creator, our Father God, created an intelligent vibration which then created everything else.

The new theory named “The Geometric Concept of Matter“, as presented by Mr. Zoran Ozimec, confirms that matter is a vibratory structure and explains that what we know as gravity is a direct consequence of that particular vibration.

As the Bible is much older than science, the question arises; is science really the first to venture out and search for the secrets of Nature, or was that knowledge already coded millenniums ago into symbolical and often cryptic Bible passages? So far the Bible is ignored and not seriously regarded by the scientists, but here is a suggestion that this practice should be abandoned.

From physics we know that the vibration always indicates the existence of a supporting medium. In this case, the ‘Word’ vibration actually creates matter, so that particular medium can’t be material (because matter is not yet created), but immaterial (or spiritual if you prefer). So, what is this substance that everything is made of? As explained by religion, it is God Himself. He is the Universal Substance out of which all forces and things are made, and this is why it is said that He is omnipresent throughout His creation.

But, it’s also interesting to note that the Word is by nature a sound vibration. Physics tells us that sound is transmitted through a medium in the form of a compression wave. As the compression waves of the Word travel through the underlying Universal Substance, that medium is periodically displaced and begins to oscillate. In other words, as the name of the wave suggests, Universal Substance is alternatively compressed and rarefied. If we label compressed Universal Substance as ‘things’ and rarefied Universal Substance as ‘space’, we could say, “All things were made by him [the Word]; and without him was not any thing made that was made “ (John 1:3, KJV, brackets mine).

Genesis 1 mentions another form of vibration—light, “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light” (Genesis 1:3). In physics, light is sometimes used, in a broader sense, to depict the electromagnetic radiation of all wavelengths, whether visible or not. An electromagnetic radiation is characterized by a transverse wave, which has different nature than sound waves, but operates upon the same medium of the Universal Substance. So, what does this “light” do? It gives life to the things created by the sound vibration. For more details see this article.

Thus we learn that the information about the Universal Substance was present and available to mankind for many years, though it’s not yet part of today’s mainstream science. You might ask yourself, how would that be possible; how could our “primitive” ancestors know something that we do not know today? Isn’t ours the most advanced civilization to have appeared so far on this little blue planet?

The truth is that even though Bible is comprised of 66 books, penned by over 40 different writers over several thousand years, it has an integrated design (mathematically provable), which points to its transcendental origin. This means that our “primitive” ancestors are not the authors of the Bible, but its origin is divine. Here is a concise and verifiable discourse, which gives evidence that the Author of the Bible is God.

Friend, if you are reading this it means you are on a journey and you would like to discover the truth. Like you, I was once looking for Truth and after a long search I’ve found Him. Or should I say Jesus found me? Friend, time for long searches is up. Every religious tradition speaks of the future end times, and the funny thing is that the end has to come someday. And the Bible is very detailed when it comes to the end time prophecy.

We are living in the time period that prophets spoke about. The world doesn’t have much more time. I’ve laid out some Bible prophecies in here, and according to the several signs we are at the very end. The time is near when Jesus will come back and you will have to face Him. Will it be on the good terms or bad terms? If you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior you can be sure it will be on the good terms.

If you want to become a disciple of Jesus (i.e. make Him your Lord) and you want to be sure of your salvation (i.e. get eternal life as a free gift) simply say the following words and mean them:

Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins. Come into my heart, I make you my Lord and Savior.

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40 thoughts on “In the beginning was the Vibration…”

    1. I am actually revising the scientific views of the Bible. I am writing about vibrations and ran across this blog.

  1. Very concise and right into the centre, Nito!
    Surely, it looks promising to see more and more people opening their minds towards scientific understanding of Spiritual Realities.

    1. I had a very intense dream about the rapture a few years ago. My dream is what led me to search for God and vibration. It’s hard to put into words but what I had no scientific understand of is exactly as you explained my dream. In my dream the world shook and I felt a huge vibration in me. He was calling His believers up in the rapture via the vibration which moved every molecule in my being. My feet began to lift. Windows shook. The world vibrated so intensely because He was vibration, he was in every molecule of everything and he could call it to attention. Even the blades of grass stood up in attention from the vibration and “knew” He is the creator. He is part of everything, we are part of His physical matter and creation. As I was being lifted up a gawdy gold thrown/chair with red velvet was lowering to the earth. I believe the antichrist was revealed in earth as we were raptured. This dream shook me to my core. The next morning when I woke I could still feel a hum on my body. 7 years later I remember every detail.

    1. Math… intelligent architecture vs chaotic.. the probably vs possibility. The math points to a merical. For instance which is more likely that random scribes on a paper photocopied over and over until you get an ineligible story in a writend language vs an intelligible story photo copied over and over until it is not is no longer readable. Nature dictates the second by its own design and mathematics proves it.

  2. Interesting question Vipul, one that splits the world apart; right along the sectarian lines (where science counts as a sect too)!

    I suspect that you want a scientific answer, but the problem is that science itself does not know what God is (i.e. it knows about God as much as the older brother religion tells it). So how can you prove or disprove something when there is no clear definition of the “problem area”. However, if we borrow some of the definitions of God from religion like “He is the source of all”, “He is omnipresent”, “He is omnipotent”, “He is eternal (i.e. outside of space and time)” then Zoran’s “Geometric Concept of Matter” proves each one of these definitions (of course if the theory itself is positively verified by the broader scientific community) 😉

    On the other hand, how do you prove that God does not exist? This is the burden that science took upon itself, and we are still waiting for the definite proof. Can you really assume that because there is no need for Something, therefore certainly It does not exist?

  3. hi i really enjoyed your post and i will be sure to read through the rest of your blog… I really appreciate the way in which you look at this subject, looking at this in a new light as they say.. bookmarked!

  4. My name is Piter Jankovich. Only want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

  5. Hi Piter, if you judge by the time i invest into it, it does fall into the “hobby” category, however on a serious note, the site aims at initiating the collaboration and dialogue between science and religion. The new theory (“The Geometric Concept of Matter“) mentioned in this article is a good starting point for such development, so my wish is that a broader scientific community becomes engaged on its verification.

    We can’t jump into conclusions before this process would finish, but if the outcome would be positive then a new paradigm shift would happen with science and man’s outlook on life would consequently change. It does look to me (if i’m allowed to express my confidence in this new theory) that science finally achieved that what religion wanted it to achieve – prove that religious texts are not just folklore and myths, but contain encrypted knowledge about Nature and its Creator.

    The reason i was not spending too much time on this blog (in the last year and a half) is because i was devoting all of my energies to writing a book (on the same topic). This intriguing and thought-provoking book is packed with some new insights and ideas in relation to cosmology, consciousness and man’s origin. Among other things questions like why does gravity exist and why is space curved; what is the dark matter and dark energy; why is microcosm similar to the macrocosm and what is the length of God’s Day – are all elaborated throughout the six chapters of the book. Twelve full-color illustrations help highlight the discussion of how consciousness descends into the solid matter through a series of transformational changes. Some new concepts like stairway of consciousness and the graph of (normal) distribution of consciousness are proposed as new tools for studying human behavior and social patterns.

    P.S. Your English is just fine.

  6. I would like to thank all that sent me their best wishes and gave their nod for the content, however their comments did not make it onto this page because they were marked as spam by WordPress.

    Sorry folks, but as a rule, all these are deleted automatically, except in the case that they contain a genuine comment, question or I could use them to highlight a point that I want to make. In such cases I publish the comments but stripped of all hyperlinks.

  7. Hey, thanks for the great article. Honestly, about six months ago I started using the internet and there is so much nonsense out there. I appreciate that you put excellent content out that is clear and well-written. Good luck and thanks for the great article.

  8. How do you prove that God exists? Invisible, intangible? By the same method you prove things like quarks, invisible, intangible exist. Rather you can only put forth evidence that a model exists according to our current understanding.
    I’ve done some experiments looking into this and the results were mind blowing!
    The Aum/Logos/Dharma/Tao/Ma’at is indeed real!

    1. I’m interested; what kind of experiments did you do?

      PS: Thanks for mentioning Ma’at; i was not aware that Egyptians had a concept similar to that of the Logos ( However, it does make sense that old civilizations had similar understanding about the cosmos and how it came into existence, as all people spawned from Noah’s descendants.

      1. There’s a lot to explain, but I’ll try and summarise. My experiments center around two things mainly…

        One is similar to ‘I Ching’, creating six random 6 digit binary numbers by flipping six coins six times in a particular way (which includes time and space) simplifying a stream of reality into its basic building blocks (heads/tails, 1/0, black/white, matter/space). All the complex movements of the coins and all events in the universe are simplified into whether one half of them happened or not. This produced numbers and images, like computer sprites, showing flat three dimensional scenes, sometimes moving (ie. two pictures of the same thing at different points in time, telling a story), which expand into more complex images. What I found was that the same Pattern which appeared in the movements of the coins also appeared in reality around me. It was absolutely precise and perfect, even predicting the future when I asked for it, with absolutely astronomically unprobable coincidences occuring. But even though each time it was different, it was always made from the same Pattern – so every thing that happened was generated from looking at the same Thing in a different way – only appearing to be something different, but actually the same underlying Pattern was behind it all.

        Another is discovering the connection between what is seen and what is heard – “audio/visual synchronicity”. This mainly involves taking a film and replacing the soundtrack with a music album, but the same applies with ANY recorded video and recorded sound – or even live action, not being recorded. What happens with certain combinations is the audio and video coincide together, often approaching 100% coincidence. So for example when there is a “musical bang” there is also a “visual bang”, or if the music sounds like a helicopter, the video will show a helicopter. Or say if there is a coin on a table and somebody brushes it off onto the floor with disgust, at that moment the song lyrics say, “Money, get away!” If the audio and video are not the same length then at the point one ends it immediately begins again (so it’s a continuous loop) and it continues to synchronise in a different way, so the audio and video spiral around each other until they both end at the same time. Certain video will synchronise with certain audio, and other audio and video synchronise together, so EVERYTHING is interconnected together, all being created from a common Pattern underlying it all.

        What became clear through all this was that the Pattern was alive and intelligent, and had a character – and it was a Joker. It’s always the same but also always changing – it’s like an animal, always keeping the same form, but always moving into different positions. Not like a regular machine that can always be predicted and controlled. It will only reveal itself if you show it the proper respect and don’t try and take advantage of it. I’ve perhaps not explained this very well; there is much more to say, but I hope you “get the picture” – or hear the picture. 🙂

  9. Good day! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading through your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics? Thank you so much!

  10. What I wouldnt give to have a debate with you about this. You just say so many things that come from nowhere that Im pretty sure Id have a fair shot. Your blog is terrific visually, I mean people wont be bored. But others who can see past the videos and the layout wont be so impressed with your generic understanding of this subject.

    1. Have you checked the PDF book ( It goes much deeper and wider into the subject. So, if you’ll find something in it that you want to comment on, i’ll be happy to reply.

      On the other hand, nobody said this is a “final exposé” or something. Science advances through cycles of research and verification/review of the same. I view the new theory (see, this article and the book as a research that opens up a new frontier for science.

      Where will all this lead us is yet to be seen, but i think it will ultimately show us the true nature and loving heart of the Father God, our Creator 🙂

  11. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn something like this before. So nice to search out any person with some unique ideas on this subject. realy thank you for beginning this up. this website is something that is wanted on the internet, someone with a bit of originality. helpful job for bringing one thing new to the web!

  12. I really like your blog and there are some interesting points made. There are so many sites out there which are badly presented that it’s a pleasant suprise to find a good one.

  13. I thought is was interesting how you link AUM to AMEN. What brought you to do that? Is it because it begins with A? Is it because it is said at the end of prayer, and also used as a chant in Hindu culture?

    If you look at other evidence, Amen has quite a link to Amen Ra. A sun deity of egypt, and christianity (also vilifying the sun) had kept this word and its meaning and root has been lost.

    I think there is more evidence of Amen coming from Amen Ra rather than assuming it came from Aum directly.

    1. Hm, linking those two was not my focus, but rather that Word is a vibration and Aum is also depicted as a vibration in Hindu texts. The link between Aum and Amen was made by Sri Yukteswar in his quoted book.

      As my focus is to show how modern science can benefit by studying the Bible, I think it’s best to remove that paragraph, so that desired focus could be maintained. Nevertheless, the same paragraph is given below, so that your comment has the proper context.

      “In other religious texts, for example in Hinduism, the vibration named Aum is described as the manifestation of God and the divinity itself. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna said to his disciple Arjuna: “Among words, I am the one syllable Aum” (X:25). “The Word, Amen (Aum), is the beginning of the Creation”, explains Sri Yukteswar in his book “The Holy Science” (HS) and describes that Aum is the peculiar sound of the vibration that is caused by God at the beginning of the creation (HS, I:3).”

  14. I stumbled upon this post while researching principles for a college paper I am required to write – a reflection on how I will apply Hermetic principles in all areas of life.
    I am a Christ-follower, and much of the information I’ve been required to review has been spiritually oppressive to me. It seemed to be knowledge without hope.
    As I sat here in a local cafe, despondent and discouraged, your post stirred tears and joy.
    Thank you for proclaiming the Good News. Even those of us who trust in Jesus need be reminded of that which causes joy – charis – by grace through faith. Amen.

    1. Hermeticism is popular amongst scientists as it promotes a belief that all religions point to the same God, which works well in the educational environment that wants to be politically correct. There are some general principles promoted by all religions (which is understandable, as all people came from Noah and his descendants), but we just need to compare the nature of God, as explained by different religions, to conclude with ease they aren’t talking about our (Judeo-Christian) Father God.

      I’ve also heard testimonies where people said that in exams they gave answers that professors wanted to hear, but privately they were not persuaded, as the same were contrary to their Christian faith. I think that’s what it means to “be wise as serpents” part of Matthew 10:16. If you can influence professors to give their life over to Jesus that’s awesome, but if you can’t, then spread the Holy Spirit power and presence beneath their radar. When the devil will notice your activity, it will be too late for him, as God’s Kingdom will be already established, even in professor’s heart.

      Christians are often accused of being the same as (i.e. undifferentiated from) the rest of humanity, so our task is to be that differentiation (i.e. light and salt). Christ in us is the hope for the lost, even in the environments where faith is absent. Having this stance, even when you keep silent, others will notice that you are different, and as they come to ask you why is that so, they are already touched by the Holy Spirit.

      I speak clothing with the Holy Spirit power and gifts over your life, in the name of Jesus. I speak that the presence of the Most Hight God is tangibly felt wherever you go and that doors are opened supernaturally for you. You will heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons in Jesus’ name. Through you, and your leadership, the manifold wisdom of God is made know to the principalities and powers, which are stripped of all authority and are bowing down to the name of Jesus. Gates of hell are crushed under your feet. God is glorified in all that you do. Your enemies are scattered and their hearts are turned towards Y’shua (Jesus), in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  15. New to your site… True, word is sound and sound is a vibration. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. To hear sound, one must understand that our ears perceive vibration and that is vibration of matter. Matter is made up of molecules and atoms… Light is made up of photons behave like particles.which are fundermental particles. God was word..and created all things. I had a recent experience where some differed about the vibrations in the Lord’s prayer in aramaic.. A translation that read OH Thou from the breath of life comes, WHo fills all realms of sound, light and vibration. May your light be experienced in my utmost holiest. Your Heavenly domain approaches. He said there was too much verbiage and not the correct vibration. So I prayed and discerned over this and of course the message I received before I printed the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer was Yes to the vibration because Word was God and God created the Word and that is vibration.. Thank you for you great site and I amsure I will be reading more of what you wrote. Almin, Amen!

  16. Modern science is younger than accumulated wisdom and scientists are yet to understand the elusive 23% of dark matter, and 72% of dark energy in the cosmos, as reported, in The Tribune, Geneva dated: June 19, 2017.
    And without a thorough knowledge about the Cosmos, it may not be wise for science to enter in to logomachies with regard the cosmic phenomenon, called God, the-word i.e. energy-vibration-frequency; energy includes conscience.

    1. The second last paragraph of the same article says that science does “hope to discover new physics beyond the standard model, such as a modified version of general relativity or a new type of particle.”

      This is interesting, as Mr. Ozimec’s theory (link provided in the article above) does describe the physics of this new type of particle, which I believe is the dark matter particle.

      It would be really nice if somebody would be able to engage and support Mr. Ozimec so that he is able to continue his research.

      My view is that he stumbled onto something that would fundamentally change physics and would ultimately accomplish the goal of science.

  17. the world was created by God its beauty and perfection. you can’t blame, recreated, modified and re-culturing it again.

  18. A switch flipped inside me, when I began investigating the law of attraction, and God, vibration and frequency. The ultimate vibration, God Jesus Holy Spirit, I believe I have been allowed a gift to see this in action. I have freaked out some of my friends, but I know that I know, It’s Jesus, full blown in me calling me to my purpose, drawing out my potential, I have experienced a gift, and no secret here, the Bible tells me so. Thank you for this article.

    1. Amen sister! I say that you will see an increase of the Holy Spirit anointing in 2018, which will lead to salvations in your inner and outer circle. But that is just a beginning, you are a great harvester that will bring much harvest into God’s storehouse! His mantle is upon you and you will naturally flow in many gifts of the Holy Spirit, giving glory to the Father in the name of Jesus. Have a blessed Christmas and an awesome 2018.

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