Posted by: Nito | August 15, 2014

Beliving In Evolution Is Unscientific

1. The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy (i.e. “lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder”) of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems always evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium, a state with maximum entropy (i.e. minimum order, maximum chaos).  Source: Wikipedia

2. Universe is an isolated system (

3. The theory of evolution requires entropy to decrease (i.e. for evolution to work order has to increase over time) , which is in contradiction with the second law of thermodynamics.

4. Evolution is therefore a false theory which doesn’t stand to scientific scrutiny.




    • Dave tried to refute the above reasoning by explaining that increase in order (i.e. reduction of entropy) could be localized. However, Dave failed to give any good example to support this theory. He used examples from everyday life, which is not totally chaotic but is already more or less organized and ordered. Specifically:

      1. Example of a man building a house:
      Man is already a result of order, and so is the tree/wood. Nails are a product of man who increased the order of the raw materials and moulded them into thin cylinders with one end made sharp and the other end made flat. The initial environment of this example is not totally chaotic and it doesn’t illustrate how in the environment of total chaos (i.e. after the Big Bang) things started to get more ordered (and thus violated the 2nd law of thermodynamics).

      2. Example of localized temperature changes:
      Dave obviously never heard about the phenomenon of global warming (, so where is the “localized effect” of decreasing entropy? On the other hand Dave’s reasoning might lead one to conclude that the Ice Age was the most ordered period in Earth’s history. The contrary fact is that at the temperature of absolute zero there is no life. Life is the result of the highest order in the Universe, so its absence cannot be called “more ordered” state, which is the direction of Dave’s reasoning.
      God created man and placed him on the earth to replenish it (Genesis 1:28) and to dress it and keep it (Genesis 2:15). Man is supposed to bring more order to it and thus reduce entropy. Today mankind is running after lust, greed and pleasure, in total disobedience to the Creator and consequences are (apart from the destruction of the individuals) destruction of Nature and its environment. By behaving devilishly man is increasing entropy.

      3. Example of random genetic mutations:
      This is a “good” one; before genes can mutate they have to exist! Genes are a result of order and they carry a code (a program) by which cells function. Code (i.e. information about how to handle the information) does not spontaneously appear in Nature. Here is an excerpt from :
      “Examples of symbolic codes include music, blueprints, languages like English and Chinese, computer programs, and yes, DNA. The essential distinction is the difference between a pattern and a code. Chaos can produce patterns, but it has never been shown to produce codes or symbols. Codes and symbols store information, which is not a property of matter and energy alone. Information itself is a separate entity on par with matter and energy.”

      4. Example of a poker game:
      We already established that man is a result of order, so are the poker cards and the poker table. We cannot use examples of everyday life to show how the first code appeared after the Big Bang.

      I challenge Dave to create a thought experiment which shows how from the initial primordial chaos came the first DNA and how did the first compiler (DNA code) appear, which governs all the processes of the machine called ‘cell’. I challenge him to explain how did all the information to make the cell function, defend itself and replicate itself appear “out of nothing”. Only a Creator living outside of the Universe could insert all the information required for its functioning and also kick-start the process we call life.

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