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The Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) – Part 6 – v3 Timeline

Would it be possible to build the 3rd Jewish Temple in 145 days?

In the part 5 of this series I’ve modified the End Times Timeline and one of the things changed was shortening of the duration of the 7 bowls of wrath. Even though I didn’t explain why was that done, the reason was the uncertainty about the timing when Jesus would take up His harvest from the earth (the event No 7 on the Timeline). Because the ministry of the two witnesses was extending deep into the Tribulation period, and I wanted to spread events No 6 and 7 wider apart, the durations of the 7 bowls of wrath on the v2 Timeline was shortened.

The thing is that after the two witnesses are killed and then raptured (event No 6) Bible talks about people being so afraid, recognising their ministry to be the work of God, that they become believers (see Rev 11:11-13). Therefore the event No 6 triggers a spiritual awakening among the people of the earth, and prepares them for Jesus’ harvest (event No 7). I’m not sure how much time would elapse between the events 6 and 7 – it could be either short or long. Consequently, the duration of the 7 bowls of wrath could be short (like shown on the v2 Timeline) or longer (like it’s shown on the v3 Timeline below).


If you understand the context of this part of the Timeline, the witnesses couldn’t be killed by anyone (Rev 11:5) and whosoever would try to hurt them would be killed. At the end of their ministry and after he claimed to be God himself, the Antichrist will succeed in killing them (Rev 11:7), so people will start believing that perhaps he really is God and maybe the one that everybody is waiting for: Messiah of the Jews , Jesus of the Christians, Mahdi of the Muslims, 5th Buddha of  the Buddhists etc.

Thus far the Antichrist was portraying himself to be a peacemaker (see event No 3), the one who is uniting the world through peace. Now he proved himself to be powerful by killing the two witnesses (event No 6), which made everybody happy (see Rev 11:7-10).

But the rapture of the two witnesses (Rev 11:11-12) will prove that they were the real emissaries of the One true God, which exposes the Antichrist as a fake. He claims to be God, but he really isn’t, he is what the Bible refers to as the Anti-Christ, meaning “opposed or against” the real Christ Jesus.

It is then that he starts to persecute the true believers, those who know and declare him to be a fake. This is probably the time when the Antichrist would institute the mark of the beast (see Rev 14:9-10) in order to isolate and silence those who oppose him. Whosoever would not take the mark of the beast could not participate in the economy (i.e. buy or sell – see Rev 13:16-17) and will be persecuted (Rev 13:7) and killed (Rev 20:4)

Therefore, this could be a clue for a longer time period in between the events No 6 and 7. Bible tells us that saints need to be patient and blessed are those who thenceforth die for the witness of Jesus (see Rev 14:12-13).

On the other hand, after Jesus’ harvest is done, when 7 bowls of God’s wrath start to happen, those who are left behind are expected to repent and give glory to God (see Rev 16:9,11) , which may indicate that God would prolong the duration of the 7 bowls of wrath (i.e. time between events No 7 and 8) in order to give people more time to repent.

Anyhow, this version of the Timeline prefers the longer time between the events No 7 and 8 over the prolonged delay between the events No 6 and 7. But this could be wrong.

The reason why all these changes in the Timeline happened is because of Daniel 8:13-14, which says, ‘Then I heard a holy one speaking; and another holy one said to that certain one who was speaking, “How long will the vision be, concerning the daily sacrifices and the transgression of desolation, the giving of both the sanctuary and the host to be trampled underfoot?” And he said to me, “For two thousand three hundred days; then the sanctuary shall be cleansed”‘ (Dan 8:13-14, NKJV).

This is giving us another time measurement, which I’ve missed before. It tells us that there will be 2300 days in between the event No 4 (opening of the 3rd Jewish Temple) and the event No 8 (destruction of the Antichrist and his armies at Armageddon). Taking into account other time durations mentioned in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation, we can calculate that the 3rd Jewish Temple would be built in 145 days. Sounds short isn’t it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, apart from the Temple furniture (see The Temple Institute), other parts of the Temple rebuilding project are also being prepared and worked on.

We can also calculate that the time span in between the event No 6 (the rapture of the two witnesses)  and the event No 8 (battle at Armageddon) is 1040 days. This means that the ministry of the two witnesses will overlap with Antichrist’s rule only for 145 days. This is more realistic (compared to the previous Timelines), as after declaring himself to be God, Antichrist will probably try to get rid of the two witnesses by sending other people to harm and kill them, but then eventually (after 145 days) he would need to do it himself.

So, friend, we live in the End Times, just before Yeshua (Jesus) will return to rule on the earth. The period presented on the main portion of the Timeline describes the last 7 years, just before Yeshua comes back. We don’t know when the last 7 years would start, and many tried to set up the date but they all failed, because it’s up to God to set up the date. Nevertheless, you can feel it in the air; it’s close.

We are witnessing the turning of the US back towards God, which is required for her role in protecting Israel during the last 7 years. But, this is triggering the global clash between the globalist communist left and faith-based right. This might as well be the real trigger for the escalation of the WW III (i.e. the 6th Trumpet War).

The best way to get ready for what is coming is to become a disciple of Yeshua (Jesus). If you want to do so, say the following with the full conviction of your heart.

Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins. I believe that you died on the cross to take my punishment. I believe that you rose from the dead and will come again to rule the world. Come into my heart, I make you my Lord and Saviour.

Friend, if you prayed this prayer you are born-again, which means that Jesus (i.e. His Spirit) now lives within you. Find a good bible-based, Spirit-filled church that will teach you and equip you for the days ahead.

PS: The discussion in the Youtube clip above doesn’t structurally align with our Timeline, but I thought the illustration about the virgin from Revelation 12 was interesting.



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