Posted by: Nito | December 8, 2014

The Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) – Part 3 – The End Times Timeline

In this part of the Book of Revelation series we will discuss the End Times Timeline (shown below). The timeline doesn’t contain any dates as date setting is not for a man to do, but it revolves around several key events. It starts at the sixth trumpet and ends with the creation of the new sky and the new earth. My intention is to get the timeline reviewed and publish updates as I would get comments from other people. Printable version could be found here.

End Times Timeline


While making the timeline I made the following assumptions:

1) In the Bible, descriptions of the same event are consistent across different Bible books. We take the Bible as a single integrated message system, so the same applies to the symbols used in the Bible—they are consistently used across every Bible book. It cannot happen that the same symbol in different Bible books would have a different meaning.

2) So, based on the assumption above scriptures are aligned along the major events, when they could be found or recognised in them.

3) While aligning the scripture we also used logic. For example, the great earthquake that happens when the seventh bowl of wrath is poured “had not happened since mankind came upon the earth” (Rev 16:18), and “every island fled and mountains were not found” (Rev 16:20), so the 6th seal earthquake where “every mountain and island was moved out of its place”(Rev 6:14) is the one and the same earthquake. Therefore, logic dictates that we should look at the seals as access points to particular title deeds and not necessarily as chronological events that have to happen before trumpets and bowls (vials). Title deed thus highlights a type of the events that would happen, while trumpets and bowls tell us when those events would happen.

The timeline is divided into three swim lanes. The top one contains the major events, the middle one deals with wars, cataclysms and judgement, while the bottom one deals with apostasy, evangelisation, faith and rapture.

The major point to take from this timeline is that Jesus is coming as the King after the tribulation and not before. There will be a rapture before the tribulation, but His major harvest (i.e. taking up the rest of the believers) is somewhere within the tribulation period. Following His harvest there will be a second, wrath harvest, which is pretty much God destroying the evil that is left on the earth and wiping the earth clean in order to make it ready for His Millennial reign.

Another important point to take away is that the one who will proclaim himself to be the Messiah before the tribulation is actually the Antichrist, so don’t even think to bow down to him or to take his mark (of the beast) no matter who tells you it’s OK. The Bible tells us that the false prophet (and many believe Pope Frances is this guy) will promote the Antichrist and will coax people to believe in him. Nevertheless, the Antichrist will be killed 3.5 years after claiming to be the Messiah. He will be killed by Jesus, the real Messiah. Antichrist and false prophet will be thrown into the lake of fire after the battle of Armageddon.

UPDATE 2017-02-11: The third revision of the End Times Timeline can be found here.



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