Posted by: Nito | August 12, 2013

I Love Love’s Presence

God is so lovable and lovely, because He is the love itself. God is love. “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love” (1 John 4:8, NKJV). If you ever loved, if you’ve ever been in love, you had Him in your bosom. Think of it, God is love, and you craved for it, you were running after it and you handled it ever since you were a little babe.

You loved your toys. You loved your parents. You loved your family and then you loved other people. These were the portals through which the One was loving you and you were loving Him back. Even if these portals are long gone or are not radiating His love anymore, still you can turn to God directly as He is the source of all love. God is love and He still loves you. How could love not love? His only feeling for you, His child, is love. Love cannot hate, but only love.

If you crave for love you actually crave for God’s presence. Where God is, there present is love. Even if you don’t believe in God, but you crave for love, you are (not knowingly) craving for His presence. You are craving to be in a relationship with love, you want to float in it and you want to be carried away by it. Carried away into a place where no trouble exist and where only love reigns. Guess what, you are craving to become one with God.

Outrageous, isn’t it? That nobody talks about this—the simple truth that God is love. No loving act passes without His presence being exchanged. No love gets exchanged without Him being involved. So hidden and yet so obvious; you gotta marvel at His master plan. Loves to play hide and seek with us, but didn’t fail to make himself the very thing that everybody wants and craves for! From the blessed saint down to the sorrowful sinner, everybody wants Him.

And the good news is that He is available. Love actually is pursuing you. He is not watching idle while you are suffering. It was Love’s hand that guided you to this post. God wants to take care of you, He wants to be your Comforter. He is the love you are seeking and this Love is ready and waiting for your call. Do not be shy, you have nothing to loose, call upon God.

Call upon God and let Him set you free from all your troubles. They will flee in the presence of Love. As Love cannot hate, so hate cannot be where Love is. If you are ready to let God enter your life, just say this simple prayer and watch how Love is giving you peace, strength, direction and purpose:

Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins. Come into my heart, I make you my Lord and Savior.

God bless you and keep you my friend.


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