Posted by: Nito | January 21, 2012

Seven ways God communicates with us

There are 7 ways God communicates with us:

1. He could actually speak to you, and you would hear His words either audibly or as thoughts arising in your mind. However, verify, double check and validate it is His voice that you hear; He will not mind you doing so.

2. When you feel bliss, joy, love, peace or any other all-embracing feeling—that’s God silently speaking to you that He is near, closer than you think.

3. When He fulfills your prayer, He is telling you that you have His attention and that He cares for you.

4. Listen to other people, because God could send you messages through them. He does speak through those He loves.

5. Watch other people’s lives and review their experiences, as through those God will tell you how He wants you to behave.

6. He will speak to you through the Holy Scripture, which is the Bible.

7. Marvel at the clockwork of the universe, nature and man and how perfectly fine-tuned all is. The harmony of it all is His hint to you that He can fix any problem or issue you are facing (you just have to ask).


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